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Alvin Toffler - The Third Wave - 1980

Alvin Toffler publishes The Third Wave (1980), to herald in the new culture based on information. The central premise of Toffler's book is that human history, while being complex and contradictory, can be seen to fit patterns or what he calls three waves that describe the changes of civilization:

He postulates that the transition from an: industrial society to an information society can best be understood by looking back to the transition from the agricultural society to the industrial society.

The Three Waves

We started off as hunter-gatherers — nomads. We hunted our food and moved as the seasons to find food. Then, the First Wave began:

This Information Society is more than just technology. It includes social, cultural, institutional, moral, and political dislocations during our transition from a brute force industry society to a brain force economy.

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