Job Description

  1. Position: Customer Service Clerk

  2. Department: Sales and Service

  3. Date prepared: April 10, 2004

  4. Number of people supervised: None

  5. Skills, Education, and Experience required:
    • High School Diploma
    • Type a minimum of 45 WPM.
    • Two years of prior experience

  6. Special Job Demands (working conditions, travel, hazards, etc.): Must be able to work in a fast paced environment and maintain good relationships with customers.

  7. Purpose and Description: Assures that customers receive efficient and courteous service through processing of orders by mail, telephone, or in person. Provides pricing and delivery information. Receives and answers within established guidelines, customer questions and complaints. Acts as liaison between customer and various organization departments. Maintains appropriate records and prepares printed reports. Operates Computer terminal. Performs word processing and related clerical duties.

    Key Result Area Performance Standard Control Information
    1. Solve customer complaints and issues. Customer believes his or her's problem has been fully fixed. No more than 1 customer complaint is elevated to next higher level in a thirty day period.
    2. Enters all complaints into the customer database. Records must be complete and accurate. No more than 1 mistake per month.

Analyst: Marsha Hide

Department Manager John Coltrain


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