Learning, Performance, and Training Acronyms

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AA — Abbreviated Analysis

AAMOF — As A Matter Of Fact

AAR — After Action Review

ADDIE — Analysis, Design, Development, Implement, Evaluate (SAT or ISD)

AFAIK — As Far As I Know

AL — Accelerated Learning

ALARA — As Low As Reasonably Achievable

ASAP — As Soon As Possible

ASTD — American Society for Training and Development

A/V — Audio Visual



B&P — Bid and Proposal

BEER — Behavior, Effect, Expectation, Results (for feedback for improvement)

BET — Behavior, Effect, Thanks (for positive feedback)

BLT — Baseline Test

BOF — Birds of Feather

BPR — Business Process Re—engineering

BST — Basic Skills Trainer

BTW — By The Way

BZ — Bravo Zulu (USN signal for 'job well done')



CAI — Computer Assisted Instruction

CAT — Computer Aided Testing

CAUSEDCan they do it, do they have a positive Attitude, is it Useful to them, are they Skilled in it, do they have similar Experience, is it Different.

CAX — Computer Assisted Exercises

CBI — Computer Based Instruction

CBL — Computer Assisted Learning

CBT — Computer Based Training or Competency Based Training

CETA — Cost Effective Training Analysis

CIPP — Context, Input, Process, and Product (an evaluation model developed by educators, Daniel L. Stufflebeam and Guba)

CMI — Computer Managed Instruction

CMP — Course Management Plan (also see TMP)

CMS — Courseware Management Systems

COTS — Commercial Off—The—Shelf

CP — Change Proposal

CPI — Continuous Process Improvement

CPM — Critical Path Method

CRI — Criterion Referenced Instruction

CYA — Cover Your A**



DMP — Data Management Plan

DR — Design Review

DSM — Don't Shoot Me

DT&E — Developmental Test and Evaluation

DTP — Detailed Test Plan

DUMBER — Dull, Unrealistic, Mediocre, Boring, Evaporating, Rote (see SMARTER)



EAC — Estimate At Completion

ECR — Electronic Classroom

ELO — Enabling Learning Objective

ENDEX — End of EXercise

ERP — Enterprise Resource Planning

EOD — End Of Discussion

EOL — End Of Lecture

EOM — Exercise Object Model

EPS — Electronic Performance Support

EPSS — Electronic Performance Support System

ERIC — Educational Resources Information Center

ET — Embedded Training; Evaluation Tool

ETC — Estimate To Complete



FAS — Feasibility Analysis Study

FAT — Final Acceptance Testing

FEA — Front End Analysis

FOJT — Formal On—the—Job Training

FTX — Field Training Exercise

FWIW — For What It's Worth

FY — Fiscal Year

FYCP — Future Years Corporate Plan

FYI — For Your Information



GIGO — Garbage In, Garbage Out

GOK — God Only Knows

GTA — Graphical Training Aid

GUI — Graphical User Interface (pronounced goo—ey)



HEL — Human Engineering Laboratories

HF — Human Factors

HFE — Human Factors Engineering

HPT — Human Performance Technology

HR — Human Resources

HRD — Human Resource Development

HRM — Human Resource Management

HUMINT — Human Intelligence



I&D — Integration and Development

I&KP — Instructor and Key Personnel

IAW — In Accordance With

IC — Intelligence Correlation

ICDR — Initial Critical Design Review

ICH — Instructor Contact Hour

ICW — Interactive Courseware

IDEAL — (Problem Solving) I = identify the problem, D = define and represent the problem, E = explore possible strategies, A = act on the strategies, L = look back and evaluate the effects of your actions

IDT — Integrated Development Team IDs — Instructional Designers

IFTDO — International Federation of Training and Development Organizations

IG — Instructor Guide

IIRC — If I Recall Correctly

IKPT — Instructor and Key Personnel Training

IMI — Interactive Multimedia Instruction

IMHO — In My Humble Opinion

INOP — In—operational

INPO — In No Particular Order

I/O — Input/Output

IOW — In Other Words

IP — Interpersonal

IPR — In—Process Review or In—Progress Review

IPT — Integrated Product Team

IQ — Intelligence Quotient

IS — Instructor Station

ISD — Instructional System Development

ISD/SAT — Instructional Systems Development/Systems Approach to Training

ISPI — International Society for Performance Improvement

ISO — International Standards Organization

IT — Instructional Technology

ITP — Individual Training Plan

ITS — Integrated Training System or Individual Training Standard

IV&V — Independent Verification and Validation



JA — Job Aid

JITT — Just—In—Time Training



KA — Knowledge Acquisition

KAS (KSA) — Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills

KISS — Keep It Simple Stupid

KITA — Kick In The Ass (a motivational method) KM — Knowledge Management



LB — Leaky Bucket

LCMS — Learning & Content Management System

LMS — Learning Management System

LG — Lecture Guide

LMS — Learning Management System

LO — Learning Objective

LRC — Learning Resource Center

LTM — Long Term Memory



M&S — Modeling and Simulation

MBTI — Myers—Briggs Type Indicator

MINIEX — Mini—EXercise

MOP — Measure Of Performance

MPA — Motivation Problem analysis

MS — Milestone



NA — Needs Assessment

NBL — Not Bloody Likely

NDI — Non Developmental Item

NIS — Not In Specification

NLP — Neuro—Linguistic Programming

NSPI — National Society for Performance and Instruction



OJT — On—the—Job Training

OOBE — Out—Of—Box Experience

OSHA — Occupational Safety and Health Administration

OTM — One Time Measure

OTOH — On The Other Hand

OTP — Outline Test Plan



P3I — Pre—Planned Product Improvement

PA — Performance Assessment

PE — Practical Exercise

PEBCAK— Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard

PERT — Project Evaluation and Review Technique

PFA — Pulled from the Air (as in the most common way of establishing budgets)

PI — Programmed Instruction

PIP — Programmed Instructional Package

PITA — Pain In The Ass

PLATO — Programmed Logic for Automated Teaching Operations

PMFJI — Pardon Me For Jumping In

PMI — Preferred Modes Indicator

PMP — Program Management Plan

PPM — Policy and Procedures Manual (or Memo) PPPPP — Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

POI — Program of Instruction

PPP — Personnel Performance Profile

PR — Program Review

PSI — Personalized System of Instruction

PTR — Problem Trouble Report



QA — Quality Assurance

QAR — Quality Assurance Evaluator

QC — Quality Control

QI — Quality Improvement

QM — Quality Management

QVT — Quality Verification Test



R&D — Research and Development

RAD — Rapid Application Development

RBM — Rational Behavioral Model

RESA — Research, Evaluation, and Systems Analysis

RFI — Request For Information

RFP — Request For Proposal

RFT — Ready For Training

RGL — Reading Grade Level

RLO — Reusable Learning Object

ROTFL, ROTFLMAO — Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off

RTFM — Read The F****** Manual



SA — Situational Awareness

SAT — Systems Approach to Training

SCI — Student Centered Instruction

SCORM — Sharable Content Object Reference Model

SDLRS — Self Directed Learning Readiness Scale (developed by Gugliamino)

SGI — Small Group Instruction

SGL — Small Group Leader

SIM — Simulator

SIMTECH — Simulation Technology

SITD — Still In The Dark

SKA — Skills, Knowledge, Attitude

SMART — Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time based (objective and goal setting)

SMARTER — Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely, Exciting, Recorded (see DUMBER)

SME — Subject Matter Expert

SN — Sequence Number

SOO — Statement Of Objectives

SOS — Save Our Ship

SOW — Statement Of Work

SP — Start Point

SPEC — Specification

SQ3RSurvey the material to be learned, develop Questions about the material, Read the material, Recall the key ideas, Review the material (learning strategy)

SQT — Skills Qualification Test

SS — Student Station

STD — Standard

STM — Short Term Memory

STRAP — System Training Plan

STX — Situational Training Exercise

SWAG — Scientific Wild Ass Guess



T&D — Training and Development

T&E — Training And Evaluation

TA — Transactional Analysis

TADS — Training Analysis Data Sheet

TADSS — Training Aids, Devices, Simulators, and Simulations

TBA — To Be Announced

TBD — To Be Determined

TBT — Technical Based Training

TD — Training Development

TDNS — Training Development Needs Statement

TDS — Training Development Study

TDSS — Training Devices, Simulations, and Simulators

TE — Training Emphasis

TEA — Training Effectiveness Advocate or Training Effectiveness Analysis

TEE — Training Effectiveness Evaluation

TEEP — Training Effectiveness Evaluation Plan

TEMP — Test and Evaluation Master Plan

TFT — Technical Feasibility Test

TINSTAAFL — There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

TKT — Threshold Knowledge Test

TLA — Training Level Assignment

TLO — Terminal Learning Objective

TM — Technical Manual

TMO — Training Material Outline

TMP — Training Management Plan

TNG — Training

TO — Task Order

TOIS — Task Oriented Instructional System

TOS — Training Objective Statement

TPR — Trained Personnel Requirement

TPS — Training Path System

TPTB — The Powers That Be

TQM — Total Quality Management

TQR — Training Quality Report

TR — Training Requirement

TRADE — Training Devices

TRD — Technical Requirements Document

TRIM — Time Related Instructional Management

TRPPM — Training Planning Progress Methodology

TSA — Training Situation Analysis

TSFC — Training System Functional Characteristics

TSP — Training Support Package

TT — Technical Test

TTHSS — Touch, Taste, Hear, Sight, Smell (5 Senses)

TWI — Training Within Industry



UI — User Interface



VAK — Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic

VI — Visual Information

VV&A — Verification, Validation, and Accreditation

VV&C — Verification, Validation and Certification



WAG — Wild Assed Guess

WBI — Web Based Instruction

WBPSS — Web Based Performance Support System

WBS — Work Breakdown Structure

WBT — Web Based Training

WIIFM — What's In It For Me

WYSBYGI — What You See Before You Get It

WYSIWYG — What You See Is What You Get



YAFA — Yet Another Fine Acronym

YMMV — Your Mileage May Vary

YOYO — You're On Your Own

YTD — Year To Date



ZD — Zero Defects

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