Design Phase Crossword Puzzle


5. A process for the collection and use of information from many sources for making value judgments and decisions.
12. a type of question that provide a superior method of testing as they allow little or no guessing (2 words).
15. Target population requirements for Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities (2 words).
16. A learning _________ informs instructors what is to be taught and learners what they are supposed to learn.
19. The level of acceptable performance.


1. The process employed to obtain a quantified representation of the degree to which a learner reflects a trait or behavior. 
2. Otherwise known as Bloom's Taxonomy (2 words).
3. An observable action.
4. The wrong answer on a multiple choice exam.
6. These type of questions generally have four choices to choose from (2 words)
7. Otherwise known as as job sequence (3 words)
8. A type of test that has no correct answers
9. Identifies the tools, procedures, materials, aids, or facilities to be used in performing the task.
10. A learning objective that measures an element of a terminal learning objective.
11. They describe learning outcomes in general terms.
13. What question itself is called on a multiple choice test.
14. The order in which a task is performed.
17. The second phase of the ISD model.
18. The type of planning that is used in the ISD model.

Answer Guide


5. evaluation
12. open ended 
15. entry behaviors
16. objective 
19. standard


1. measurement
2. learning domains
3. task
4. distracter
6. multiple choice 
7. job performance order
8. survey
9. condition
10. enabling
11. goals
13. stem
14. learning steps
17. Design
18. backwards

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