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media selection in instructional design

The media that transports the various instructional and support material are specified in this step. While the major medium for delivering the learning platform is normally determined in the Analysis Phase (Choose Instructional Setting), such as a classroom, elearning, performance support tool, or OJT; this step decides how the activities and content should be delivered.

For example, although the primary means of delivery might be elearning, you have to select various media to deliver parts of it, such as text, diagrams, audio, and/or video. In addition, it might be decided that the learners need to meet in a classroom setting for one of the activities in order to provide a face-to-face social setting.

This is called Blended Learning — using a mix of delivery methods (media) that have been selected and fashioned to accommodate the various learning needs for a diverse range of learners in a variety of tasks and activities. Note that the purpose in this step is not to show your mastery of the latest whiz-bang technology, but rather to select a medium that best supports the learning method so that it enhances the learning process.

When determining which media is best suited to train the learning objectives and activities, consider the following:

Each type of instructional medium has certain points to consider:

The guidelines that were noted in the Selecting the Instructional Setting step may also be used for selecting the correct delivery method.

The media selection flowchart is also a helpful guide for choosing delivery strategies based upon needs:

Instructional Design Media Selection Flowchat

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