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ISD Concept Map
ISD Concept Map


Task - What must the learner perform (one behavior, thus one verb)

Condition - How will it be performed?

Standard - How well must it be performed?

A Quick Guide to Writing Learning Objectives

Template 1

After the training period the learner will be able to perform ________(task)_________. The task must be performed under the following conditions: ____(condition 1)______, _____(condition 2)_____, and ____(condition 3)______. The following standards must be met: ____(standard 1)_____, _____(standard 2)____, and ____(standard 3)_____.

Template 2

Perform _________(task)__________ when given _____(condition 1)_____ and ___(condition 2)_______. The learners must be trained to ____________(standards)______________.

Template 3

Given a ____(condition 1)_____, ____(condition 2)____, and ____(condition 3)_____, perform _______________(task)_________________. The task must be performed as ____________(standards)_____________.

Template 4

_________(task)_____________ with
____(condition 1)_____, ____(condition 2)_____, and ____(condition 3)_____, by ____(standard 1)_____, ____(standard 2)_____, and ____(standard 3)_____.

Standards with Examples

Standards are measurable criteria:

Conditions with Examples

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