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Will Coffee Jolt Continue?

Coffee prices soared 25% in June 2010 due to a temporary supply shortage of Arabica beans before dropping back a bit in July.

Drinking coffee cuts Alzheimer's disease risk

Drinking caffeine-laced coffee at midlife may reduce risk of Alzheimer's disease, according to a study published in the Jan. 2009 issue of Journal of Alzheimer's Disease.

"S" as in Sexy: New Specialty Offerings from Brazil - Coffee Review

The fact that at least half of the American roasters submitting coffees for this month's cupping spelled Brazil with an "s" - the Portuguese-Brazilian spelling - may be symptomatic of what has happened of late to the reputation of high-end coffees from that country. The spelling implies that these are not your old-fashioned, low-grown, stolid Brazils of years past, but Brasils with an "s" - something exotic, interesting, perhaps sexy.

Battered Starbucks Attempts to Reinvent Itself by Going Green - The Daily Green

To be fair, Starbucks has never been implicated as a worst actor. In fact, the company has always bought high quality coffee, has long paid more than rock-bottom prices, and has supported the Fair Trade movement -- although many activists have also long charged that the company has not done nearly enough considering their brand power.

McDonald's specialty coffee starts slow - UPI

McDonald's attempts to move in on the specialty coffee market in the United States are off to a slow start, industry analysts said.

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