Learning Management Plan and Instructional Design

Post It NotesThe Learning Management Plan (LMP) is a set of instructions that provides the managers, instructors, and training staff with the information required to lead and conduct the learning processes in a performance improvement effort.

The LMP is sometimes called a Course Management Plan (CMP) or Training Management Plan (TMP).

It is created and implemented by documenting all course materials into a logical plan for training the learners/performers on a task or subject, such as:

The LMP informs the trainers of all factors related to a particular training process. New instructors who study the LMP should be able to deliver the instruction with little or no difficulties. The U.S. Army Field Artillery School (1984) suggests that the LMP contains the following sections:

Learning Platform

The LMP should inform the instructors of all the factors that will have an impact on the manner in which they carry out the instructional function. The documentation shows the designers, developers, and trainers' plan for actually delivering the course to the learners.

The steps for the implementation or delivery of the learning platform consists of:

  1. The gathering of the LMP documents and the creation of needed ones
  2. Training-the-Trainers
  3. Preparing the learning environment
  4. Conduct the training
  5. Documentation of any deviations of the LMP

Note that step one and step five interlock with the other phases of ISD. That is, there is no real dividing line between the various phases of ISD, from the building of the training documents in the developing phase fades, to the gathering of the LMP documents in the implementation phase, and the documentation of training deviations fades into the evaluation phase.

Instructor Preparation Estimation Chart

Dugan Laird (1985) listed the following instructor preparation times as reported by the U.S. Civil Service:



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U.S. Army Field Artillery School (1984). A System Approach To Training (Course Student textbook). ST - 5K061FD92.

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